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Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 3

What kind of helmet did a diver use when they were working in shallow water? The answer, at least for the United States Navy was the Miller Dunn Divinhood. Throughout the 20th Century, the US Navy Standard shallow water diving helmet was made by Miller Dunn.

The example above is a Style 3, used mainly during the 1940s, with lots of use during World War 2. This type of helmet didn't require lots of extra equipment and months of training. All you needed was a small air pump, a hose, and someone to pump the air to you. The lead weights on the front and back of the helmet kept it comfortably sitting on your shoulders while you worked or explored the depths.

The easiest way to identify this type of helmet is by the ID plate. These were applied to the divers right side, just above and behind the window. The ID plate states DIVINHOOD STYLE 3. Navy Standard. Miller-Dunn Co, Miami, FLA.

This type of diving helmet can also be identified via the two lead weights on the front and back. The originals had the Miller Dunn name, Divinhood, and #3 stamped into the lead. It is not uncommon for the weights to be missing.

The diver's airline was attached to the right side of the helmet. A simple garden hose thread made the connection quick and easy. The ease of use resulted in these helmets being very popular with the public after World War 2. Hundreds, if not thousands of these were sold as surplus during the 1950s and 1960s.

This style of antique diving helmet is quite popular with our clients. If you have one and are curious about what the current market value is, just give us a call or text at 1-316-371-1828 or email


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