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Vintage Divers Watches

nations attic owner

"With a passion for diving history, vintage dive watches are a natural extension of vintage dive equipment we are always interested in buying."

Don Creekmore
Owner: Nations Attic

blancpain scuba diver watch

Examples Of Divers Watches We Buy

It is not uncommon for our clients to have an old watch that was used for scuba or hardhat diving. In many cases these dive watches are no longer working and in well used condition. Guess what - we love old diving watches in rough shape! Of course, we also like shiny new looking dive watches, but ones dating to the 1950's into the 2000s that were actually used for professional and recreational diving use are our favorites.  

If you have a vintage diving related watch you are considering selling, email us photos at
or text them to 316-371-1828 

There are all kinds of styles and manufacturers of diving watches. Below are a few of the brands and models of vintage diving watches we buy. Click on the images below for more details about the specific divers watch model.

If you have watch you are considering selling, email us photos at or text them to 316-371-1828 

While this list isn't all inclusive of every vintage dive watch we are buying, it's a good reference. If you have a used watch on this list, let us know and we will make you an immediate offer! 

Accutron Deep Sea 666ft Diver – Aquadive – Aquastar - Alsta Nautoscaph - Benrus MIL-W-50717 - Benrus Ultra Deep - Blancpain Aqualung - Blancpain Fifty Fathoms - Bulova 666 Feet Surf Board - Bulova Snorkel 666 - Caravelle 666 Automatic - Caravelle Seahunter - Carlex 17 Jewels Diver - Certina DS-2 PH200 - Chronosport Sea Quartz 30 - Clebar Superautomatic - Cornavin Decompression - Cyma Divingstar - Dorset 17 Water Resistant Diver - Doxa Sub 300T Aqualung - Doxa Coraline - Doxa Searambler - Edox Hydrosub - Elgin USN BU Ships - Enicar Healthways - ENICAR SHERPA SUPER DIVE - Enicar Star Diver - Favre Leuba Bathy 160 - Favre Leuba Deep Blue - Fortis Marinemaster - Gruen 1500ft Diver Automatic - Gruen Ocean Chief - Hamilton Super Compressor - Hamilton USN BU Ships - Heuer 1000 Diver - Heuer 200 Meter - Heuer 844-2 - Hoga Oceanmaster - Jupex Caribbean - Longines Skin Diver - Mathey Tissot Dive Chronograph - Mido Powerwind - Milus Archimedes - Milus Caribbean - Moeris Bathyscaphe - Ollech & Wajs Dive Sport - Omega Seamaster 120 - Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 - Omega Automatic Seamaster 300 - Omega Seamaster Professional 600 - Omega Seamaster - PANERAI LUMINOR - Paul Peugeot Superautomatic Diver - Precista T - Seiko Diver's - Sicura Safari - Sicura Sears Selfwinding - Sicura Superwaterprof - Stowa Seatime - Longines SuperCompressor Diver - Rolex Submariner - Rolex Sea Dweller -
Rolex Oyster Perpetual T - Rolex Surperlative Chronometer - Rotary Aquaplunge - Tissot PR 516 Diver - Tissot Seastar - Tissot PR 300 Professional - Tornek-Rayville US Divers Watch - Tudor Submariner - Universal Geneve Tiffany Polerouter Sub - US Divers Aqua Lung - Waltham Blancpain - Yema Superman - Voit Automatic - Wakmann Neptune II - Zenith Sub Sea - Zodiac Sea Wolf

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