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Who buys A.J. Morse & Son antique diving helmets?  The Nation’s Attic buys these vintage diving helmets and we represent serious collectors from around the world.  This fortunately allows us to make immediate offers on just about any vintage deep sea diving helmet. Regardless of where you are located in the world, we make the transaction very easy and safe. We also pay for and handle the shipping of the helmet.

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A.J. Morse was one of the early manufacturers of diving helmets and firefighting equipment. They were located in Boston, MA during the 19th and 20th Centuries. Ownership changes and incorporation resulted in slight name changes over the years, from A.J. Morse to A.J. Morse & Son Inc. and then Morse Diving Equipment. Their headquarters would eventually move to Rockland, MA in the early 21st Century and then Milwaukee, WI. Morse made a lot of different diving helmets and other related equipment. Morse was also one of the makers of the US Navy Mark V helmet. If you have a helmet that was made by AJ Morse or Morse Diving Equipment, please let us know, you might be surprised just how much we can pay!

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Nation’s Attic is a buyer of Morse antique diving helmets, especially examples stamped AJ Morse. Regardless of where in the world you are located, we make the transaction very safe and easy. We also pay for and handle the shipping!  All we need to make you an offer are clear photos of the helmet. Simply text photos to 316-371-1828 or email them to .




In addition to Morse helmets we are also interested in purchasing related tools and equipment. Items such as diving knives, boots, weight belts, suits, original ships helmet boxes, underwater lights, brass valves and gauges, air pumps, photos and anything else that is nautical related.

AJ Morse - Boston

Stamp - No Tag

AJ Morse helmets in some cases will have no brass or lead ID plate. They would simply stamp their name and location into the breastplate of the helmet. A.J. Morse - Boston. The stamp is not very large and sometimes hard to see. 

Have A Helmet With An ID Plate Like This Example?

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A.J. Morse & Son

The brass ID plate shown to the left is a good example of ID plates found on many commercial helmets. The plate says A.J. Morse & Son., Boston, Mass, U.S.A. These brass ID plates were riveted onto the copper breastplate. 

Have A Helmet With An ID Plate Like This Tag?

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A.J. Morse & Son Inc. Boston, Mass

The ID plate shown left is very similar to the one above. The difference in the two is the inclusion of (Inc.). after A.J. Morse & Son.

Do You Have A Helmet With A Similar Tag?

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US Navy Mark V A.J. Morse Helmet

A.J. Morse was one of the first to make the Mark V for the US Navy. This brass ID plate from 1918 is an excellent example of an A.J. Morse & Son Mark V example. 

Do You Have An Antique A.J. Morse Helmet?

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Morse Diving Equipment Co Inc


Before WWII ownership in Morse changed. For a brief period of time the ID plates on Morse helmets read Morse Diving Equipment Co. Inc. Successors. At times this would be included with an A.J. Morse oval ID plate like the examples above. 

Have A Helmet With An ID Plate Like This?

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US Navy Mark V Morse Diving Equipment Co.

During the early part of World War 2 this is what the US Navy Diving Helmet Mark V Morse Diving Equipment ID plate looked like. Don't be fooled by the fake ID plates with no serial # dated 8-29-41. 

Is Your ID Tag Similar?

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US Navy Mark V Morse Diving Equipment Co.

Later on during World War 2 Morse Diving Equipment used a lead ID plate on the Mark V diving helmets. It is not uncommon for these to be hard to read the date and serial number. 

Have A Helmet With A Lead ID Plate?

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