Nation's Attic
Winter Diving Into History Auction - Dec. 10th, 2022


Ready for a sneak peek at the auction? 

Nation’s Attic Diving Into History Winter 2022 auction features a wonderful array of antique and vintage diving helmets and related equipment. Classic Mark V helmets from World War II are well represented. One of the earliest known Mark V helmets from July 1916 is a very special helmet. Also, of interest to American helmet collectors is a rare 1900 A.J. Morse & Son 5 bolt helmet, aka the US Navy Mark 1. A true rarity in helmet collecting is a documented A.J. Morse helmet that helped build the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The auction also includes the personal items from one of the first 100 US Navy Seals. Some of the noted items are a US Navy Mark V helmet and a 1964 Rolex Submariner he owned. Various diving helmets from around the world, nautical items, submarine memorabilia, and vintage scuba diving artifact round out this end of year auction.   

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