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Interested In Selling A Helmet?

Sometimes it is easier for us to hit the road and pick items up, meeting people in person and making a transaction easy!

Travel Schedule & Locations

January 2023 Travel Schedule
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma 
  • Houston, Texas 

  • Dallas, Texas  

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

March 2023 Travel Schedule
  • New Orleans, LA 

Do you have an old diving helmet you have considered selling? Now is your chance to have a world-renowned expert examine your "diving bell" it in person! The owner of Nation's Attic will be making stops in and around the cities and states listed. 
Yes, cash offers for the right helmets will be made!

Just give us a call or text at 316-371-1828 or email us at

Don Creekmore / Owner of Nations Attic
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