Siebe Gorman Diving Helmets!


Who buys Siebe Gorman antique diving helmets?  The Nation’s Attic buys vintage Siebe Gorman deep sea diving helmets.  Representing collectors of the Siebe Gorman helmet gives us the opportunity to make immediate offers. We make the transaction easy and we also pay for & handle all of the shipping expenses.

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The Siebe Gorman Company can trace it roots back to the early 19th Century. Started by Augustus Siebe during the 1820s in London, England the company would work with Charles Dean to modify a smoke helmet into their first diving helmet. The company operated under the name A. Siebe during for much of the 19th Century. Later in the 1800s their name was changed to Siebe & Gorman and then Siebe Gorman & Co. In the early 20th Century it was updated to Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd, which it would stay until the late 1990s. If you have a helmet that was made by Siebe Gorman, please let us know, you might  be surprised just how much we can pay!

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The above examples above are two of the most widely produced models Siebe Gorman made during the 20th Century. The primary difference is the number of wing nuts or bolts each diving helmet has. The example on the left is a 12 bolt pattern, the example on the right is a 6 bolt pattern. Siebe Gorman produced diving helmets for well over 100 years, resulting in many models and configurations. Regardless of the model, Nation's Attic is always interesting in buying authentic examples.


In order to provide you with an offer we just need clear photos of the helmet from the front, two sides, back, top looking down on it and a close-up image of any numbers or ID plates. Simply text photos to 316-371-1828 or email them to helmets@nationsattic.com .

In addition to Siebe Gorman helmets we are also interested in purchasing related tools and equipment. Items such as diving knives, boots, weight belts, suits, original ships helmet boxes, underwater lights, brass valves and gauges, air pumps, photos and anything else that is nautical related. Below are a just a few examples of Siebe Gorman diving equipment we are interesting in purchasing.

Siebe Gorman & Co Air Pump Plaque
Siebe Gorman & Co Divers Knife
Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd Divers Air Pump
Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd Divers Flashlight