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Consigning Antique Diving Helmets & Nautical Items Into Nation's Attic Auctions

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Over the years Nations Attic has built a reputation as the #1 source for authentic antique diving helmets and related nautical and military items. We are without a doubt the largest dealer of diving helmets with a worldwide customer base. These specialized areas of expertise combined with the use of online marketing, traditional print advertising, and networking allow us to offer a level of service unmatched within the field.

Why Consign Your Helmets With Us?

You can be assured Nations Attic will handle your treasures just like their own. Over the years we earned the trust of countless collectors, sellers and museums around the world. The owner is a board member of the Historical Diving Society USA and we have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with impressive reviews from clients. Our Diving Into History sales & auctions have garnered fantastic results.
Let us show you just how hard we will work to present your individual diving helmet or entire collection to the world for maximum results!

Call or Text Us At 316-371-1828 or email


One of the most exciting services we offer is the ability to conduct worldwide auctions for collections. This option allows the owner to attain the maximum current market value for their collection - and sometimes even more! Our use of state of the art live auction technology allows bidders around the world to participate. This has resulted in WORLD RECORD prices obtained for some models of helmets.

When Nation's Attic handles the auction for your collection, you can be assured we will handle everything from picking the items up, full inventory, professional photography, promotion, modern online auction technology, safe storage, after sale processing of payments and shipping each item to our clients worldwide.

While the auction process typically takes months to prepare it also will allow you to realize in some cases record prices paid. By allowing Nation's Attic to take their time and expertise to auction your collection you will be rewarded for all your hard work in originally assembling  your pride and joy. Give us a call or email and find out just how hard and effective we will work for you!

Call / Text 316-371-1828

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