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Who buys Alfred Hale antique diving helmets?  The Nation’s Attic represents collectors from around the world who collect the Alfred Hale deep sea diving helmets.  This allows us to make immediate offers regardless of your location.  We make the transaction very easy and safe and we also pay for and handle the shipping of the helmet.

Please call or text us today at 316-371-1828 or email

alfred hale diving helmet examples

Nation’s Attic is a buyer of Alfred Hale & Co antique diving helmets. We represent collectors from around the world and this allows us to make immediate offers on just about any vintage Alfred Hale or Alfred Hale Rubber Co diving helmet. All we need to make you an offer are clear photos of the helmet. Simply text photos to 316-371-1828 or email them to .

In addition to Alfred Hale Co deep-sea diving helmets, we are also interested in purchasing related tools and equipment. Items such as diving knives, boots, weight belts, suits, original ships helmet boxes, underwater lights, brass valves and gauges, air pumps, photos and anything else that is nautical related.

Alfred Hale & Co Boston helmet stamp

Alfred Hale & Co

Alfred Hale & Co helmets were stamped on the front of the breastplate (lower half) with Alfred Hale & Co - Boston. The stamp is fairly small and sometimes hard to see. 

Call / Text 316-371-1828

Alfred Hale Rubber Co ID brass helmet plate

Alfred Hale Rubber Co.
Boston, MASS

The company changed its name to Alfred Hale Rubber Co.; Boston, MASS U.S.A.  With the name change, they started using brass ID plates like the one shown left. 

Call / Text 316-371-1828

Alfred Hale & Co. was one of the early makers of diving helmets and related equipment. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, their helmets were very similar to another helmet maker - A.J. Morse. Hale would produce a variety of different styles of diving helmets. They also produced diving suits and other rubber items. This resulted in a company name change to Alfred Hale Rubber Co. Helmets with a brass oval ID plate will generally be from the Alfred Hale Rubber Co. Helmets marked with just Alfred Hale & Co will be stamped into the breastplate (lower half) of the helmet. It is important NOT to clean or polish an Alfred Hale helmet. Leaving its original patina is very important to our clients and us. If you have a helmet that was made by Alfred Hale Co, please let us know. You might  be surprised by what we can pay!

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