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In addition to buying antique diving helmets, we also purchase what is known as the US Navy Standard Diving Knife. Every Navy diver and most all commercial divers utilized a knife as part of their standard equipment. These knives were not meant as weapons but as a tool for many uses.

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The photo at the right shows a complete US Navy Mark V diver. Located on his belt below the weight is the dive knife. These knives were threaded into a brass sheath or holder with a wood handle and a belt look cast into the brass. Many knives have a makers name stamped into the brass sheath as detailed below. If you have one or more of these diving knives and would like to sell it, please contact us.

US Navy Jake Diver Mark V Photo
dive knife complete US Navy standard

The image above shows a typical US Navy diving knife that was used in conjunction with the Mark V diving equipment.

dive knife blade US Navy standard

Above is a view of the stainless steel blade. These knives featured one sharp edge and the other serrated. Above the blade are the brass threads that allow the knife to screw into the brass sheath or holder.

Below is a selection of close-up photos showing the unique markings of some of the makers of the US Navy diving knife. Those manufacturers include A.J. Morse, Morse Diving Equipment, A. Schrader's Son, Schrader, DESCO, Vince, Fisher Spring, Batteryless Telephone Equipment Co and Bomar. Many knives do not have a name on the blade or brass sheath unfortunately.

If you are interested in finding out how much your dive knife is worth, please call or text 316-371-1828 or call email

vince easton diver knife

Vince, Easton, PA US Navy dive knife. Unique style with rotating loop on the end of wood handle.

us navy dive knife makers

Most manufactures stamped their name on the side of the brass sheath. Above are examples of BTE aka Batteryless Telephone Company, Morse Diving Equipment, A Schrader's Son and DESCO aka Diving Equipment & Supply Company. 

dive knife navy mark v fisher spring

The stamping on the blade above says C-713051 FISHER SPRING N.Y. These US Navy diving knives are identical to most except for the blade, which is made of beryllium. This metal has a dark brass color and is non-magnetic.

ka bar diver knife

Other Diving Knives

While this page focuses on the US Navy standard diving knife, there were hundreds of different knives made throughout the world. We do actively purchase all knives associated with diving. Companies such as Siebe Gorman, John Date, Heinke, Zwilling, MEDI, Denayrouze, Galeazzi, TOA among others made knives that we are buy. For more information on antique diving knives check out our blog post on the subject. 

friction a. schrader dive knife
(A. Schrader's Son Friction Knife)
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