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bulova 666 feet dive watch

Nation's Attic Buys
Bulova Divers Watches

Bulova is a classic watch brand still in business today. During the 1960s and 1970s Bulova made various types of dive watches. These divers watches were rated at a depth of 666 feet, which was stated on the dial. Nation's Attic buys vintage Bulova scuba divers watches with this 666 rating. 

If you have one, regardless of condition, Nations Attic buys Bulova dive watches.
Call / Text 316-371-1828 or

bulova 666 feet divers watches

Bulova is a classic watch maker. During the 1970s they started offering some unique diving watches. These were made for serious divers with a depth rating of 666 feet. This waterproof rating is unique and set the Bulova divers watch apart from others. We are interested in buying all Bulova watches that feature the 666 feet on the dial. Some models also were called the Oceanographer, that we also buy. Bulova also made 666 diver watches for Accutron, which we also buy.  

With our passion of diving history and its equipment, Bulova dive watches are ones we are always buying. If you have one, regardless of its condition, please text or email us photos. Our number is 316-371-1828 / Email

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