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Probably the biggest concern when buying a antique diving helmet for the first time is knowing if it is real. When buying a diving helmet from Nation's Attic you can be assured it is authentic. As a service to our clients we providing them with expert authentication. This is done with a detailed certificate of authenticity (COA) showing the helmet, noting serial #'s, maker, dates and other unique characteristics - as shown directly below.

Starting in 2019 Nations' Attic has added another layer of security, authenticity and provenance to helmets we sell. Each helmet will have a tamper proof hologram with our logo, URL and unique serial #. This number will be noted on the COA on the bottom right corner. This hologram is placed in a inconspicuous location inside the helmet and can not be removed without destroying the hologram. 

Certificate of Authenticity Antique Diving Helmets
Certificate of Authenticity Example 2
Nation's Attic COA Hologram Sticker

Nation's Attic maintains a database of all the antique & vintage diving helmets we have handled. The database includes a copy of the COA in case yours is lost or damaged. With the addition of the tamper proof hologram, even if the COA is lost, the unique serial # will allow us to reference the helmet immediately.

Nation's Attic is dedicated in preserving the history, authenticity and value of each helmet we handle.

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