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As the largest antique diving helmet dealer in the United States we handle a wide variety of old and unusual diving helmets. This is page 2 of a sample or partial archive of the helmets we have sold in the last few years. While all of these helmets have been sold, if there is a style or model you would like for your collection, let us know!
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Mark V Helium - Morse - SOLD

Impressive mixed gas Mark V helmet made by Morse Diving Equipment Co During WWII.


Morse Diving Equipment - SOLD

Fantastic example of a commercial diving helmet from the 1940s. Excellent original.


Alfred Hale - SOLD

Very rare 1800s Alfred Hale diving helmet with air fitting on back of breastplate. Beautifully polished.


AJ Morse 5 Bolt  - SOLD

Probably the finest original example of a A.J. Morse 5 bolt helmet known to exist! US Navy Mark 1 helmet as well.


1967 Morse Mark V  - SOLD

Excellent original US Navy Mark V helmet from Vietnam era. Difficult to find examples from the 1960s.


Schrader Mark IV - SOLD

Rarely seen A. Schrader's Son helmet fitting the description of a US Navy Mark 4 helmet. Formerly a 5 bolt helmet!


DESCO Mark V Small Volume  - SOLD

Professionally polished US Navy Mark V diving helmet. This is an early 1943 example with the small volume bonnet!


Miller Dunn Style 3  - SOLD

Very nice original example of the Divinhood Style 3 shallow water diving helmet. Late World War 2 example.


Miller Dunn Divinhood - SOLD

This is the first Miller Dunn helmet made during the early 20th Century. Fantastic original condition!


Morse Diving USN Mark V - SOLD

Pristine original Morse Diving Equipment US Navy Mark V helmet. Appears to have never been in the water!


Schrader USN Mark V Diving Helmet - SOLD

Excellent original Mark V helmet with US Navy inspection stamp present. Early WWII military helmet.


DESCO USN Mark V Diving Helmet - SOLD

Nice example of the famed Mark V. This one was made 1 year after D-Day, June 6th, 1945.

If you're buying or selling vintage, antique diving helmets then please get in touch with the experts at the worlds largest dealer of authentic antique diving helmets today.

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