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As the largest antique diving helmet dealer in the United States we handle a wide variety of old and unusual diving helmets. This is page 2 of a sample or partial archive of the helmets we have sold in the last few years. While all of these helmets have been sold, if there is a style or model you would like for your collection, let us know! / Call or Text 316-371-1828


Mark V Helium - Morse - SOLD

Impressive mixed gas Mark V helmet made by Morse Diving Equipment Co During WWII.


Morse Diving Equipment - SOLD

Fantastic example of a commercial diving helmet from the 1940s. Excellent original.


Alfred Hale - SOLD

Very rare 1800s Alfred Hale diving helmet with air fitting on back of breastplate. Beautifully polished.


AJ Morse 5 Bolt  - SOLD

Probably the finest original example of a A.J. Morse 5 bolt helmet known to exist! US Navy Mark 1 helmet as well.


1967 Morse Mark V  - SOLD

Excellent original US Navy Mark V helmet from Vietnam era. Difficult to find examples from the 1960s.


Schrader Mark IV - SOLD

Rarely seen A. Schrader's Son helmet fitting the description of a US Navy Mark 4 helmet. Formerly a 5 bolt helmet!


DESCO Mark V Small Volume  - SOLD

Professionally polished US Navy Mark V diving helmet. This is an early 1943 example with the small volume bonnet!


Miller Dunn Style 3  - SOLD

Very nice original example of the Divinhood Style 3 shallow water diving helmet. Late World War 2 example.


Miller Dunn Divinhood - SOLD

This is the first Miller Dunn helmet made during the early 20th Century. Fantastic original condition!


Morse Diving USN Mark V - SOLD

Pristine original Morse Diving Equipment US Navy Mark V helmet. Appears to have never been in the water!


Schrader USN Mark V Diving Helmet - SOLD

Excellent original Mark V helmet with US Navy inspection stamp present. Early WWII military helmet.


DESCO USN Mark V Diving Helmet - SOLD

Nice example of the famed Mark V. This one was made 1 year after D-Day, June 6th, 1945.

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