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Alfred Hale Boston Diving Helmet


Rare Alfred Hale & Co Neck Feed Diving Helmet 1800's - Polished!

Incredible pieces of diving history! This is a 100% authentic neck feed or breastplate feed diving helmet circa 1860's to 1890's made by the Alfred Hale & Co. in Boston, MA. As can be seen in the photos, the helmet has been professionally polished. The helmet is also complete, with all hardware intact and original!

Alfred Hale was the primary competitor to the A.J. Morse & Son's Company, also located in Boston. Both companies made very similar helmet designs. During the mid to late 19th Century Alfred Hale offered two types of diving helmets, a bonnet air feed and a breastplate air feed. From the limited surviving examples, the more traditional bonnet air feed helmets were the popular choice.

A hallmark of American diving helmets from the 19th Century is evidence of "castling" or castellation. This refers to the method of construction of the helmet. 19th Century helmet making involved the use of multiple pieces of copper that were then soldered together in a castellation pattern. If a helmet has been painted or has a heavy patina, this pattern is usually not visible. With this special helmet, the "castling" is very evident on the top of the bonnet as well as the sides of the breastplate - very impressive!

This helmet was obviously well taken care of originally. Now in the 21st Century it remains an impressive piece of 1800s diving history in amazing condition. Nation's Attic can document when the helmet was acquired and when it was polished, a full before & after photo file is available to the buyer. The helmet will also come with a detailed certificate of authenticity from Nation's Attic.

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