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How does consigning a helmet to us work?

1. Ship us your helmet or have Nation's Attic send you specially prepared boxes. 

2. Professional photos are taken of your helmet. 

3. An expert description highlighting the unique and notable details of the helmet is authored. 

4. A custom email is designed and sent to our worldwide clients advertising your helmet for sale. The example on this page is part of a custom email sent to our clients highlighting special aspects of the piece. 

5. Upon the sale of the helmet, Nation's Attic will handle the payment processing and shipping it to its new owner. 


6. Nation's Attic takes a small commission of the sale price. A check or bank wire is sent to you within days!

diving helmet consignment email example

Do you have a single diving helmet you would like us to sell but don't want to risk the auction route? Nation's Attic can professionally photograph, author an expert description, and market your diving helmet to the world's top buyers around the world.

Our consignment service allows for a set price to be established by you. Nation's Attic will do all the hard work and utilize its nearly 20 years of experience to present your diving helmet to our worldwide clientele. Our diving helmet consignment services from start to finish are unmatched in the industry.   

Call or Text 316-371-1828 or Email 

Have you been thinking about selling an antique diving helmet or collection of helmets and related items? Putting in the proper amount of time and finding a proper platform for selling such unique and valuable items isn’t easy or at times possible for an individual. Nation’s Attic is happy to work with you to sell your antique diving helmets, pumps, dive knives, dive watches and other diving / nautical pieces. Whether you have an extensive collection or just one helmet, we welcome your inquiry. It is our business to not only find the finest antique diving helmets in the world for our clients, but also give them the finest service available to sell them when the time is right.

We are the ONLY company that specializes in antique diving helmets with this service and ability! - We are sponsoring members of the Historical Diving Society USA, UK & Australia. - References Available Upon Request. - A+ Rating With Better Business Bureau.

Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email

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