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Nation's Attic Buys
Vintage Mido Divers Watches

Mido has made a large number of different wristwatches over the decades. We are specifically interested in buying models designed for divers. In many cases, Mido divers' watches will feature colorful dials made during the 1970s. 
If you have one, regardless of condition, Nations Attic buys Mido Powerwind watches.
Call / Text 316-371-1828 or

mido powerwind watch
mido powerwind divers watch examples

The Mido watch we buy will have the Mido name at the upper center of the dial with the model name Powerwind below it. The colorful dial was designed for divers to monitor their decompression stages. Over the years the dials would vary slightly, but the examples on this page are a good representation of what we are looking for. The back of the watch case features a scuba diver and says guaranteed 300m / 1000 ft. 

With our passion of diving history and its equipment, this model of Mido dive watch is one we are always buying. If you have one, regardless of its condition, please text or email us photos. Our number is
316-371-1828 / Email

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