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Miller Dunn Style 3 Divinhood shallow water diving helmet


Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 3 - 1942-45 - Excellent Original

During World War 2 the standard US Navy shallow water diving helmet was the Divinhood Style 3. These helmets have a classic appearance and were popular to use even after the war. The Divinhood Style 3 would be the last model Miller Dunn would make, going out of business shortly after WWII. This model is also the pinnacle of shallow water helmet design. Its large front window and oval top window were easy to look out of and work with. The helmet fit nicely and was made so the head could easily tilt back inside the helmet - nice for working on ship bottoms!


This particular helmet is in excellent original condition. As the photos show, the copper body has a wonderful patina and is free of any large dents. All the original glass is intact with no cracks or breaks. Window guards are in great condition as well. The Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 3 ID plate is also present in easy to read. Even the top of this helmet is free of any visually distracting dents.


The Style 3 Divinhood has a classic design that has always been popular with collectors. The model also stands on its own, no need for a display stand. The lead weights can be found on occasion so this helmet can be used if desired. This was the US Navy's alternate helmet to the Mark V when jobs in shallow water needed to be done. These also look great next to a WWII era Mark V!

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