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Rare Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 1 w/ Fantastic Patina!

We rarely have the honor to handle a Style 1 Divinhood! This helmet was made by Miller Dunn who was located in Miami, FL. Their very first helmet was made in 1915 and was called the Divinhood. They would go on to produce the Divinhood till 1924. This helmet was just found and pulled out of a building in Florida where it had been stored for decades. Without a doubt the helmet was used and now has the unmistakable patina of a helmet approximately 100 years old!

Few of these innovative shallow water helmets survived the 20th Century. They are quite simple in construction and very easy to use. The body of this helmet is copper with a brass window frame and handle. As with any helmet that was used, it does exhibit some dents and signs of use, but nothing severe. The top handle is out of a shape a little, the side where the air fitting is pushed in slightly and there are some very shallow tiny working dents. The two brackets show signs of the lead weights being taking on and off as they are misshapen some. These minor issues are all overshadowed by the incredible patina of the copper body.


While hard to see, both sides of the copper body do have the original Miller Dunn company stamps on them. The window glass is in good original condition with a few scratches. The threads on the air fitting are in good condition. While we may be biased in this situation, there is no doubt the original look and feel of this helmet make it very special and one to be treasured!

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