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1942 A. Schrader's Son United States Navy Mark V


A. Schrader's Son US Navy Mark V - April, 1942 w/ Navy Stamp!

Starting in 1916, the A. Schrader's Son Company along with the A.J. Morse Company would produce the first Mark V helmets. During the World War Schrader was probably the largest producer of the Mark V. Their Mark V's were made of high quality with a few small unique characteristics that set them apart from others.

This specific Scharder Mark V was produced in April of 1942 - a very early WW2 example. It does feature a US Navy inspection stamp on the communications cup. This proves the helmet was in Navy inventory and undoubtedly used. Another sign of Navy use is the faded by visible diamond painted on the back of the breastplate and top of bonnet. By painting a color on a helmet it allowed for quicker ID of a specific divers equipment and giving the diver a easy name while working, i.e. "green diver". The breastplate diamond appears white, bonnet is green. The bonnet & breastplate are not #s matching. It's likely early WWII helmets that were used a lot would get mixed up, as this one did. The bonnet and breastplate are both Schrader from WWII. All the brass hardware is present on the outside, all air vents are still in place inside. There is also a speaker (reproducer) still present inside the bonnet.

Early World War 2 Schrader helmets are seldom found, especially in this original condition. There is no doubt this helmet was part of plenty of hard work during the war and still has the original look and feel to prove it! Finding authentic Mark V helmets in their original state with a US Navy stamp and other indications of military use make this a special rarely found!

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