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Vintage Doxa
 Divers Watches

For many decades Doxa has produced watches made specifically for scuba and deep-sea divers. We are buyers of these watches in any condition. All we need is a photo of the front and back of your Doxa watch!
Call / Text 316-371-1828 or

doxa 300t searambler watch
4 Vintage DOXA 300t Watches divers

Do you have a DOXA brand watch? DOXA is known for their diving related watches. Models such as the Sub 300 Professional, Divingstar, Searambler, Sharkhunter, Army, US Divers Aqua Lung, Caribbean, and more. Their watches were made with colorful orange, yellow, black, and white dials to name a few. With photos of the front and back of your watch, we would be happy to help you.

With our passion of diving history and its equipment, vintage DOXA dive watches are ones we are always buying. Many DOXA watches were used for their intended purpose, diving, so many are in well used condition. If you have one, regardless of its condition, please text or email us photos. Find out just how much we can pay! Our number is 316-371-1828 / Email

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