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Antique Diving Helmets

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

At, we specialize in buying and selling Antique Diving Helmets. As the world's largest dealer, we only handle authentic diving helmets, never replicas.

Antique Diving Helmets
Antique Diving Helmets

With 16 years + experience, we are also the worlds largest buyer and seller of the following types of vintage helmets:

  • US Navy Mark V helmet made from 1916 till 1985 for the United States Navy.

  • Miller Dunn of Miami, FL, famous for their Divinhood shallow water helmets.

  • A.J. Morse of Boston, MA - one of the iconic United States manufacturers of diving equipment.

  • A. Schrader's & Son - another iconic diving equipment manufacturer in the United States.

  • Alfred Hale of Boston, MA - an early diving helmet and rubber company that went out of business sometime in the 1920s.

  • Diving Equipment & Supply Co (DESCO). Also known as Diving Equipment and Salvage Company during World War 2. Located in Milwaukee, WI, this company continues to make diving helmets including the USN Mark V.

  • John Date - the only diving helmet manufacturer ever in Canada.

  • Siebe Gorman - was located in London, England making all kinds of diving and safety equipment from the 18th into the 20th Century.

  • Yokohama Diving Apparatus - a famous diving helmet company located in Japan during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

  • Joe Savoie - each of his diving helmets were hand-made in the backyard. Located in Lousiana, Savoie helmets were revolutionary in their design during the 1970s.

Buying and Selling Antique Diving Helmets

If you're looking to sell authentic antique diving helmets then look no further than the experts at we'd love to hear from you.

As members of the Historical Divers Society the United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia, we only trade in authentic, sought-after diving helmets.

We are the worlds leading purchasers of genuine diving helmets from all manufacturers. We do not buy or sell replicas or fake helmets, similar to the ones you may find on the larger auction sites.

The video below explains our buying process:

Do you have an old helmet or collection for sale?

If so we would like to speak with you. Contact us here or:

Call / Text us at 316-371-1828 or email

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