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New Old Stock. Never sold or circulated. Referenced as “This book was the essential guide for historians and collectors,” in the Journal of Diving History issue 119.  Essential for anyone interested in deep sea diving equipment, helmets and masks. The Deep Sea Diver, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Robert Martin. 1978 Cornell Maritime Press. Hardcover with dustjacket, 213 pages. One of the most sought-after diving books that went out of print long ago. A very important book for anyone interested in heavy gear diving, and the subsequent move toward light-weight suits and helmets and mixed-gas use. Numerous photos of different helmets and masks. Described on the dust jacket: A comprehensive work exploring the world of the deep-sea diver. The primary purpose of this book is to explain the origins, development, current status, future of the commercial deep-sea diver and the equipment he uses and how it has evolved historically. Furthermore, the text describes in detail exactly how the equipment is used by the diver and how different types of diving apparatus are used depending upon the nature of the diver's work. The material is presented in detail using non- technical language. This is the story of how diving apparatus has evolved from simple beginnings into highly sophisticated devices requiring skilled operators and advanced technical knowledge for proper use. Starting with the caveman, the deep-sea diver is traced through time to understand how he has studied, invented, and improvised to allow himself to descend into the sea and explore its depths. Emphasis is placed on the equipment worn directly by a diver - his helmet, dress, weight belt, and shoes. The initial attempts to provide these devices, their subsequent modifications, and ultimate development are described to provide an understanding of the tremendous difficulties man has overcome to walk beneath the waves. The last four chapters present a photographic and word compilation of diving equipment covering 200 years of development. This information is historically accurate and comprehensive. Contents: A Brief History of the Deep-Sea Diving Outfit - The Physics of Being Underwater - Mark V Diving Apparatus - Diving with a Mark V Outfit - Commercial Heavyweight Deep-Sea Diving - Lightweight Diving Apparatus - Scuba - Keeping Warm Underwater - Mixed-Gas Diving Apparatus - Decompression Procedures - Other Diving Systems - A Summary of Equipment and Its Usage - Heavyweight Helmets - Lightweight Helmets and Masks - Weight Belts - Shoes and Boots. Only this one printing. This book is in mint uncirculated condition with the unmarked dust jacket placed in a protective sleeve.

The Deep Sea Diver Robert Martin New Old Stock

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