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The first book on recreational diving and spearfishing. The Compleat Goggler,

Being the first and only exhaustive treatise on the art of goggle fishing, that most noble and excellent sport perfected and popularised by Guy Gilpatric in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the 1957 Dodd Mead/Skin Diver Magazine reprint of the 1938 classic skin-diving book with updated information on techniques and equipment and a Foreword by James Dugan. Dugan was the American who got Jacques Cousteau his first American exposure and went on to draft The Silent World book for Cousteau. Contents: The birth of a sport; a feud with a giant fish; Octopus; Goggle types and design; Spears; Swimming and diving; Guns; Fish, Recipes, Breathing tubes, diving apparatus and underwater cameras. This book is already a legend with the rare first edition listing for four figures and good copies of this second edition in the higher three figures. In this condition these type of titles, that laid the foundation of diving, could be classed as investments. This copy is “like new” condition with an original dust jacket in very, very, good condition in a protective sleeve.

The Compleat Goggler by Guy Gilpatric 1957

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