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A mint, unmarked copy of this 1997 “bible” of abalone diving covering the divers, the equipment, helmets, masks, and history of the industry. It was “ab divers” like Bob Kirby, Bev Morgan, Bob Ratcliffe, Lad Handelman, Dan Wilson, Murray Black, and others who migrated from abalone diving to form the companies that launched commercial deep water mixed gas diving. There was only one edition of this book which sold out swiftly. Softbound, 210 pages, packed full of photos, Bibliography, List of People Interviewed, Glossary and Index. Unused in mint condition. Comes with mint copy of 1960 REVIEW OF THE ABALONE IN CALIFORNIA by Keith W. Cox of California Department of Fish and Game. 28 pages with color photos of various abalone.

The California Abalone Industry A Pictorial History by A.L. “Scrap” Lundy

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