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One of the most popular types of diving helmets for collectors is the shallow water models. In many cases, shallow water helmets feature a unique design, are easy to use, and were made in relatively sizable numbers. This very special helmet we are offering does indeed fit all the hallmarks of a desirable shallow water helmet, but most people have never seen one.


Called the Griswold helmet, it was designed and patented by Chuck Griswold, a commercial diver, engineer, and inventor. Only a handful of these helmets were ever produced. Some of the helmets were made of cast iron, while others were made of brass. According to legend, two of the helmets were made of aluminum. One of these aluminum helmets was likely sent to the patent office, while the other was likely used as a prototype or display model.


Over the past 50 years, the few Griswold helmets that have been made have remained in collections around the world. They have rarely, if ever, been offered for sale. However, last month we received a call from an individual in the Seattle, WA, area who told us he had discovered an unusual helmet at a scrap yard approximately 15 years ago. He kept the helmet on display in his business for many years until recently. The helmet he rescued from the scrap yard was an original Griswold and, to our knowledge, the only surviving aluminum example!


The helmet appears to have never had glass installed. The window guards are present, but they have never been drilled, or the helmet taped to secure the guards. The cast aluminum body is in its original condition and has never been painted, glass installed, etc. This helmet is just as it was when it came from the foundry.


The photos show the window guards in place for reference, but they are loose. This helmet could obviously be kept as it currently is or finished out and made functional. Whatever you decide to do, you will be the only one with a Griswold aluminum shallow-water diving helmet!  


Rare Griswold Boston Shallow Water Diving Helmet

$13,105.00 Regular Price
$11,794.50Sale Price
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