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The price includes a 4% credit card fee. If you pay by check, money order, or bank wire, the discounted price is $6,500 delivered within the contiguous United States. 


This helmet offers a fascinating glimpse into a brief but significant period of change for the Morse company. In the late 1930s, A.J. Morse & Son Inc. was preparing to be sold and transitioned to Morse Diving Equipment Co. Inc. around 1940. This shift is reflected in the unique dual identification plates found on this particular helmet.


The helmet itself is a well-preserved 3-light, 12-bolt model boasting a beautiful patina and most of its original tinning. The two ID plates – the classic A.J. Morse & Son Inc. and the successor plate for Morse Diving Equipment Co. Inc. – are proudly displayed on the front of the breastplate. This configuration likely arose because a small number of helmets already had the A.J. Morse & Son Inc. plates attached during the sale. The simplest solution was to add the successor plate directly beneath the original one.


This helmet is a complete numbers-matching example, with serial number 4014 appearing on both neck rings and all four brails. This numbering places its manufacture between 1939 and 1940, further aligning with the use of the successor plate. Additionally, both neck rings bear the inscription "A" before the serial number.


Originally, this helmet operated as a neck-fed system, where air entered through the back of the breastplate neck ring. The air vent was integrated into the larger neck ring, while exhaust exited under the diver's chin. However, at some point during its service life, the air intake was relocated from the neck ring to the back of the bonnet. This modification involved the expert installation of copper pipe air vents inside the bonnet.


This unique helmet merges classic aesthetics with rare transitional features. Beyond the distinctive dual ID plates, it remarkably retains all its original hardware, including the brails, wing nuts, glass, window guards, safety pin, exhaust valve, bonnet air piping, exhaust button, and neck ring gasket. The bonnet has minor working dents, but they are insignificant. All threaded connections, including the bonnet to breastplate and faceplate, function smoothly.


Overall, this helmet presents a valuable opportunity to own a piece of diving history, showcasing a pivotal moment in the Morse company's legacy.


All helmets sold by Nations Attic Inc. will have a certificate of authenticity (COA). This COA will have a serial # on it that will match the # on a tamperproof holographic decal placed on the inside of the helmet. This level of security and long-term assurance of the helmet’s authenticity is unmatched in the industry and very important to us.


The display stand shown in the photos is not included. The option to purchase one at a discounted price is available. The helmet will be shipped in two double thick specially prepared boxes via FedEx. Worldwide shipping is available. A shipping quote prior to the auction can be provided by emailing your postal code.


The price includes a 4% credit card fee. If you pay by check, money order, or bank wire, the discounted price is $6,500 delivered within the contiguous United States. 

Rare 1939 Morse Transitional Diving Helmet

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