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Down To the Ships in the Sea, by Harry Grossett. 1954 Lippincott, Philadelphia & New York, 256 pages, 25 black and white. Hard-bound in original dust jacket in protective sleeve. Grossett dove during both world wars and was a principal diver in the raising of the German fleet at Scapa Flow. From the fly: Harry Grossett is probably the most experienced deep-sea diver in the world. He has been going down to the ships in the sea for half a century, and during his career he has been at the bottom of most of the Seven Seas. He has had to break the ice to go down, and he has walked in the beautiful submarine gardens of the shark- infested tropics. He has traveled all over the world to salvage gold and other cargoes and to render first aid to ships. He was trapped in a sunken troopship and buried under concrete. He has sawn off human limbs under water, and salvaged human bones, and twice he was nearly murdered under water at Hong Kong. During the First World War he was diving from a warship off the Dardanelles, and in the Second World War he was senior diver on the laying of the Accra Pipeline. Between the wars he played a leading part in the biggest salvage operation in history - raising the German Fleet at Scapa Flow. He looks forward as well as back and discusses how modern inventions like armored diving dress and television may affect diving. The book is in “like new” condition with a very good dust jacket. Very hard to find with its original dust jacket in any condition.

Down To the Ships in the Sea by Harry Grossett 1954

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