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Hard Hat Divers Wear Dresses, by Bob Kirby, half of the famous Kirby Morgan diving equipment name. Perfect bound, 262 pages with many photos from Bob’s almost seven decades in diving. Like many of the pioneer oilfield divers Bob migrated into that industry after spending time diving abalone along with the likes of Morgan, Bob Ratcliffe, Lad Handelman, Danny Wilson, and others. The book was self – published by Bob in 2002, is in new condition and signed by Bob, who sadly died in 2022. Review: The names of Bob Kirby and Bev Morgan can be found above and below every ocean on the planet. Their names replaced that of England’s Siebe Gorman as the world standard in surface supplied diving equipment. With a good dose of humor Kirby recounts the joy, despair, love, hate and ongoing dramas of their partnership as their fortunes rise and fall. Crooked business partners, lawsuits, commercial diving, military contracts, and Hollywood all add to Kirby’s colorful escapades through the world of professional diving. But it is the recollections of equipment design and manufacture, that really make this an important addition to any diver’s library. Kirby’s insights into why the USN chose the Mark XII, his work with Morgan, and how he came to build the helmets for Jim Cameron’s movie The Abyss, highlight the technical side of Kirby’s character. The book also contains numerous unique photos from Kirby’s career including some of his helmets. As the story of one of commercial diving’s few true legends, it will stand as a personal record of one man’s unique journey through an industry as he helped revolutionize it. Self-published by Kirby, with warts and all. Limited to only 1,000 copies the book sold out long ago. Book is as new and signed by Bob.

Bob Kirby’s Autobiography Signed by Bob Kirby

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