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Homemade Antique Diving Helmet


Unique Homemade "How Water Heater" Shallow Water Helmet!

During the Great Depression (1929-1939) purchasing a new or even used diving helmet was a big stretch for most people. In September of 1932 Popular Mechanics published an article on how to make your own diving helmet! The result was people around the United States fabricating their own shallow water helmets from material they had available. One of the most popular household items converted into a diving helmet body was a water heater.


This helmet is a classic example of one of those Great Depression era helmets made from the top section of a water heater!  A large window was constructed directly on the front. Handles were welded to each side, lead weights also welded around the body of the helmet and then some rubber hose lines the bottom edge. The helmets simplicity and homemade ingenuity are what makes it special. The helmet is also in original untouched condition. We literally pulled it out of a barn in Illinois!

Most antique diving helmets are a guaranteed conversation pieces - this one will no doubt leave everyone asking questions while many will be secretly wondering how they can add one to their collections!

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