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Heinke Siebe Gorman Diving Helmet


Heinke / Siebe Gorman Helmet - London, England Circa 1940's

This helmet comprises of a C.E. Heinke three light commercial bonnet, matched with a traditional British Admiralty Patent Siebe Gorman 6 bolt breastplate.



Both of these companies trace their manufacturing roots back to the 1830 – 1840 at the dawn of the trade of the commercial diver. Siebe Gorman went on to become the world’s largest manufacturer of diving equipment, and Heinke became the dominant manufacturer of the pearl diving trade.


The Heinke bonnet is serial number 528 and from their later period of post WWII manufacture. It has the very distinctive screw-in brass port guards, and large telephone connection. It has survived in very good condition with minimal wear and no major dents or scratches. The original thick glass ports are in tact and not cracked. The Siebe Gorman breastplate is serial number 9177, with the front and back 6 bolt straps stamped 77 on the underside. It has the original Siebe Gorman nuts on the 6 bolts and the manufacturers plaque is excellent condition with no major damage.


It is not unusual to find helmets from a manufacturer that have miss-matched serial numbers, but a helmet combination from two different manufacturers is considered unusual.

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