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Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 3 diving helmet


Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 3 - 1942-45 - Rare ID Plate

During World War 2 the standard US Navy shallow water diving helmet was the Divinhood Style 3. These helmets have a classic appearance and were popular to use even after the war. The Divinhood Style 3 would be the last model Miller Dunn would make, going out of business shortly after WWII. This model is also the pinnacle of shallow water helmet design. Its large front window and oval top window were easy to look out of and work with. The helmet fit nicely and was made so the head could easily tilt back inside the helmet - nice for working on ship bottoms!


This particular helmet has a beautiful appearance to it. Many years ago the helmet was polished. Over the years a slight and very attractive patina has started to develop. This could be allowed to age naturally or with some metal polish, the helmet could shine like a new penny again easily! The copper body is free of any large dents. The front bottom edge behind the lead weight does have a little undulation in the copper, but is not visible with the weight on. The lead weights are contemporary as well as the brass wing nuts and steel carriage bolts. 


The ID plate is a very unusual example we have only seen in books. Presumably during WWII while production was at maximum effort, there would be times when parts would run out, causing delays. One of those parts was the identification plate. Rather than stop production for this relatively minor piece, Miller Dunn would use existing Style 2 plates. The only change to the plate would be the removal of the 2 and a 3 stamped into its place. Normally the #3 was not stamped into the plate but formed in the brass along with the other letters and numbers. This known variation is fairly unusual, giving this helmet just an extra aspect of desirability. These helmets are quite impressive and one polished out like this one is sure to impressive. These also look great next to a WWII era Mark V!

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