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Joe Savoie stainless steel diving helmet


Rare Savoie Stainless Helmet Serial #2 w/ Great History!

Joe Savoie helmets in many cases are considered the holy grail of 1970's era helmets. Approximately the first hundred helmets Joe made in his backyard in Louisiana featured a fiberglass motorcycle body. Starting in 1971 Savoie would replace the crude motorcycle helmet with a stainless steel body. This very helmet is only the 2nd stainless steel model made!


The helmet will be accompanied by a wonderful letter from the original owner. He tells a wonderful story of how he acquired serial #2 from Joe Savoie and then how and where in the world he used this special piece of equipment. The helmet itself is still in very nice condition with only the typical light scratches to the surface from careful use. The helmet has the famous Joe Savoie signature cast into it as well as the JS. The back of the helmet also has the serial #S02.

Joe Savoie helmets have always been valuable among divers and in the last 30 years collectors as well. As the prices and demand for these beautiful Savoie helmets increase, an example of this magnitude will surely be one of the best investments one can make.

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