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Galeazzi Italian Diving Helmet


Beautiful Italian Galeazzi Helmet - Only 20 Made In 2012 For HDS!

In 2012 the Historical Diving Society in the United States offered for sale to its members a run of only 20 helmets made by the famed Galeazzi Company in Italy. Galeazzi started making helmets in the 1930's. Their primary model was called the Marina (Italian Navy Standard). Those helmets were prized by divers then and by collectors today.

With the demand of these beautiful helmets so high around the world, the Historical Diving Society commissioned the company to make 20 of these helmets by hand to commemorate the organizations 20th Anniversary. The result was a strikingly beautiful piece of diving equipment. Unlike standard production helmets, these 20 pieces were given special serial #'s - starting at 1 and ending at 20. The breastplate features two ID plates. The first is the brass Galeazzi plate with the serial number stamped into it. Above is a sterling silver 20th anniversary HDS ID plate - also having the matching serial # and the dates 1992 / 2012. Each brail has the matching serial number stamped into them.

According to HDS officials the construction of the 20 helmets actually took 2-1/2 years to complete, only 8 per year could be made. The process of hand making each helmet was very labor intensive. All the raw materials came from Italy, ensuring the helmet was made to their standards. The result was an immaculate helmet that is quite impressive. These are actually the last helmets the company produced!

In 2012 when offered, all 20 helmets were sold and put into museums and private collections. This one is #9 with all serial #'s matching. The helmet over the past 7 years has started to develop a patina on the hand hammered copper body. This patina could be left to mature or with a little metal polish, the copper and brass would gleam with brightness!

These 20 hand made Galeazzi helmets are not replicas or cheap "display" pieces. Each helmet was made to a standard as good or better than ones from the 20th Century. In addition, with only 20 being made and a majority probably never entering the collector market again - this is a rare opportunity. If you have been looking for an authentic helmet but want something that will shine and impress everyone like a fine piece of jewelry - then this one is perfect for you!

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