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1944 Morse Mark V diving helmet


Morse Diving Equipment US Navy Mark V - 1944 - Amazing Original!

The US Navy Mark V is arguably the most iconic helmet design ever made. It's style and history has made it one of the most popular helmets among collectors worldwide. The model was made for the US Navy from 1916 till the mid 1980's. Production of the helmet reached peaks during late World War 1 and also during World War 2. During this entire time span the Morse Company would produce the Mark V. 


By 1944 when this helmet was produced, Morse's official name was Morse Diving Equipment Company Inc. For unknown and probably varying reasons during World War 2 the US Government did not order as many Mark V's from Morse as they did from Schrader or DESCO. This has resulted in finding very nice or excellent examples of a WWII Morse helmet relatively difficult. By our experience Morse Mark V's are the second most difficult to find out of the four makers.

This incredible example originally ordered by the US Army has got to be one of the finest Morse Mark Vs from WWII we have ever seen or handled. It has an almost impeccable original finish and could easily be considered new old stock condition. All the serial #'s match top and bottom and on the brails. The lead ID plate is easy to read and still has the black background intact. All the hardware is present both inside and out. The rope on the breastplate was added many years ago.

We can say without a doubt this may be a unique opportunity to own such a wonderful original example.

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