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1944 Diving Equipment Supply Co Mark V helmet


DESCO US Navy Mark V - 1944 - Great Original!

Without a doubt the Mark V is the most popular helmet we handle. While difficult to find authentic examples, these were made in sizeable quantities during World War 2. While many were used up, destroyed or simply lost, a precious few do still exist. Of those few still only a small percentage retain their original finish, hardware and matching serial # parts. This Mark V made by Diving Equipment & Salvage Co (DESCO) is just one of those rare examples! DESCO would later in 1945 change their name to Diving Equipment & Supply Co and are still in business today.

This Mark V is dated December 1st, 1944. It does have a US Navy inspection stamp on the brass ID plate as well. This stamp proves without a doubt the helmet was part of the Navy inventory. In addition, the neck rings on the inside have the matching # as well. The helmet also has C76 stamped on both outside neck rings and the communication cup. In regards to condition, approximately 90% of the original tinning is intact. There is a bit of wear to the back of the breastplate from hoses rubbing. All the hardware both inside and out are present as well.

This is a fantastic example of a World War 2 Mark V with all the correct stamps, #'s and parts all present!

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