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Robinsons Sous- Marins, (Robinson’s Submarine) by Commandant Driant & Capit Danrit. 1908, Librairie E. Flammarion, Paris. The attraction of this large book is the spectacular cover which some collectors consider the most impressive cover of any diving book ever published. It features embossed gilt text set against green-sea background which shows an embossed diver, framed with a bright red border. The book is in French and about two sailors stuck in a submarine trapped at the bottom of the bay of Bizerte. The book is inspired by the sinking of the French submarines Farfadet, on July 6, 1905, and the submarine Le Lutin, on October 16, 1906, in identical conditions and in the same place. There are eight illustrations showing a diver (pages 153, 283, 289, 305, 353, 365, 393, 401). Book measures 7 ½” x 11,” with 428 pages, and illustrations by de Dutriac. Slight split on the edge of the spine. Gilt edged pages and embossed front cover. The signature of pages 385-400 are loose. Otherwise in good condition.

1908 Classic Diving Novel In Spectacular Binding

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