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La Navigation Sous-Marin, (Underwater Navigation) by G. L. Pesce. 1906 Vuibert & Nony, PARIS. A large format book of 36 chapters in 498 pages, in French, that covers diving equipment and submarine developments up to the period. Roughly translated Chapter 2 is titled Diving Bells and Diving Helmets and contains 37 pages on diving equipment including Siebe, James, Drieberg, Smeaton, Ferminet, Triewald, Cabirol, Klingert, Newton, Rouquayrol & Denayrouze, Carmagnolle and more. This book is also well-known internationally for its extensive coverage of submarines recorded in national sections. The book is basically a library essential for anyone studying the history. It contains hundreds of illustrations and photos and is now an antiquarian title. The book is a First Edition in very good complete condition.

1906 French History of Diving Book

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