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DU SCAPHANDRE ET DE SON EMPLOI A BORD DES NAVIRES, (Of the Diving Helmet and its use on Board Ships) by M.L. Du Temple. One of the very earliest manuals detailing how to use the Joseph Martin Cabirol diving equipment on board a ship. A 30-page paper-bound French book detailing the Cabirol helmet and pump. Cabirol copied the Augustus Siebe closed helmet design and manufactured it in Paris in the mid 1800’s. His equipment claimed certain new features that improved the safety of the diver and was displayed at the 1855 Paris Universal Exhibition.  Here it competed with English equipment by Augustus Siebe, Heinke, and Tyler, winning a silver medal. The French admiralty ordered Cabirol equipment after the exhibition and this booklet may have been connected to its use in the navy. It presents a basic outline of the mechanisms involved, the nomenclature, and various safety procedures. The booklet has a five-panel fold-out at the end of the book showing the Cabirol helmet and pump in detail. It also features a fantastic double page lithograph showing the front and back of a diver under water wearing the Cabirol equipment. Condition. The book is in very, very, good condition. It is considered scarce and listed in a few international maritime libraries. Rare to find in this condition. An original 160+ year old antiquarian manual that is one of the first ever published on using the closed diving helmet.

1861 French Cabirol Diving Manual - Diving Helmet & Use On Board Ships

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