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Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 2 helmet

Rare First Year Production Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 2 - 1925-26

Miller Dunn of Miami, FL is famous among diving helmet collectors for their shallow water helmets. By far the most desirable is the Divinhood Style 2. Unlike the Style 1 and Style 3, the #2 was made during a period of time with no wars. Without a large need from the US Government, this model was not made in huge numbers. The Divinhood Style 2 would be the US Navy standard shallow water helmet during the 1920's and 1930's.

In addition to the scarcity of the helmet, its visual appearance makes it very popular. The two large angled pieces of glass, the window guards and tall look of the helmet give it a look unlike anything else. Many people compare this design to a knights armored helmet!

This Divinhood Style 2 is quite special as it was made during the first year of production, 1925 to 1926. There are two clues that allow us to determine this. First, the helmet has the narrow style shoulders. Later models would use a wider copper shoulder to help with stability and comfort. Second, the ID plate is a style only used before the patent for this model was approved. In late 1926 when the US patent was approved, Miller Dunn would add that information to the plate. Out of the few Style 2 helmets we have handled, this is the first one we have seen with the early tag.

This Divinhood can easily be considered a wonderful original example. It has a patina that is unmistakeable to a fine original helmet. The two pieces of glass are in excellent condition as well as the window guards. There is one window guard bolt that is a replacement. The lead weights are contemporary. No holes or bad dents, just a wonderful piece of shallow water diving history!

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