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1945 US Navy Mark V Helmet - Diving Equipment & Salvage Company!

This is the famed US Navy Mark V, probably the most famous helmet model in the world. This example was made in 1945 by the Diving Equipment & Salvage Company (DESCO). Later this same year the company would change its name to what it still is today - Diving Equipment & Supply Co. The Mark V would be used by the US Navy from 1916 into the mid 1980's. Today this model is by far the most desirable and requested helmet we are contacted about. 

This particular Mark V is a beautiful example that is serial #s matching and does have a US Navy inspection stamp present on the ID plate. The Navy inspection stamp is proof the helmet was inspected and put into US Navy inventory. DESCO helmets from this time would have their serial # on the ID plate as well as the inside neck ring of both the bonnet and breastplate. Both of those numbers are present and matching on this helmet.

The helmet has a wonderful dark patina with the brass hardware contrasting nicely. We found this helmet in Canada where it has been for decades. The helmet is missing the dumbbell latch on the back. Luckily these can be purchased from the original manufacturer or if so desired, we can purchase and install for you at a minimal rate. When found the helmet did have 12 of the flanged wing nuts installed - it should only have four. We had DESCO send us the correct wing nuts as well as a spitcock handle and safety latch to install. You will notice we carefully aged these components to match the look and feel of the helmet.

Overall the helmet is in excellent condition. There are only minimal working dents on the top of the bonnet. The bonnet and breastplate thread together with ease - original neck ring gasket is intact. All the wing nuts thread off without issue and the original brails fit just as they should. The original brass DESCO ID plate is easy to read as well as all the stamps. Original air vents, external hardware, glass are all present and in great condition.

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