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United States Navy Mark V Diving Helmet 1943


A. Schrader's Son US Navy Mark V - 1943

Starting in 1916, the A. Schrader's Son Company along with the A.J. Morse Company would produce the first Mark V helmets. During the World War Schrader was probably the largest producer of the Mark V. Their Mark V's were made of high quality with a few small unique characteristics that set them apart from others.

This specific Scharder Mark V was produced in April of 1943. It does feature a US Navy inspection stamp on the communications cup. This proves the helmet was in Navy inventory and undoubtedly was probably used. The helmet features all four brails with serial #'s matching on their bottom sides. There is a non-return valve and communications fitting cap present on the back. All the brass hardware is present on the outside, all air vents are still in place inside. The bonnet does exhibit typical working dents on top.

Sometime after the war this helmet was sold as surplus. It ended up with a diver who used it in the Great Lakes area. This diver many decades ago decided to polish the helmet. He started at the top polishing the remaining tinning off the copper. For various reasons he stopped polishing halfway through, never getting to the breastplate. The breastplate does have a good percentage of its tinning remaining. The helmet could certainly be kept as it is or the polishing could be continued, giving the helmet a nice consistency in appearance. Either way, this is a wonderful authentic A. Schrader's Son 1943 Mark V!

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