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1943 A Schrader's Son US Navy Mark V diving helmet


1943 US Navy Mark V Helmet - A. Schrader's Son

This is the famed US Navy Mark V, probably the most famous helmet model in the world. This example was made in 1943 by the A. Schrader's Son Company. The Mark V would be used by the US Navy from 1916 into the mid 1980's. Today this model is by far the most desirable and requested helmet we are contacted about. 

Many people do not realize that the US Government after World War II sold many of these Mark V's as surplus. This provided commercial divers with a ample supply of Mark V's throughout the 1950's. Some divers decided to modify their helmets to fit their own diving requirements and preferences. This specific and very attractive helmet was modified by a diver during the 1950's. The diver luckily kept the helmet in excellent condition and eventually polished it out. The result we have for sale is a impressive unique configuration.

The helmet has had the exhaust relocated, communications fitting removed and side window guards changed. The air vents are all present inside the bonnet. The bonnet is numbered 35 on the inside neck ring. All four brails are serial #s matching to the Schrader ID plate - 602B. All 12 wing nuts are present as well as the WWII era BTE exhaust, spitcock and dumbell safety latch.

The bonnet only has a few small working dents - indicating the helmet was used only sparingly. The older polishing the helmet received is quite beautiful with nice hint of patina. The overall visual appeal of this helmet is quite impressive. We have priced this piece quite reasonably, making it a rare oppritunity to own a World War II Mark V at a fraction of their normal prices.

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