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Snead Style 3 Diving Helmet


Snead Style 3 Cast Iron Shallow Water Helmet - Circa 1930's

One of the most successful shallow water helmet makers was the Snead Company located in New Jersey. This company would produce four different models of helmets over the years, starting in the 1930's. Each model was similar in appearance with slight improvements made to construction and usability.

The Style 3 helmet represents the peak of cast iron design for the company. This helmets improvements over previous ones was the air line was moved to the upper back of the helmet and the helmets construction was one piece of cast iron, rather than two piece welded together. A plastic window held in with brass screws allowed the diver an easy view. The integrated carry handle on top allowed for somewhat easier transportation of the helmet.

This helmet was just recently found hidden away in a barn. The old paint is long gone with cast iron now showing - giving it a rather interesting vintage look not easily reproduced. A vintage brass air fitting is still present on it. The old window is long gone but the inner window frame is intact. The Snead Company name is present on the front where it is cast as part of the helmet. There are no noticeable cracks or breaks in the cast iron.


We also have a matching Snead Co air pump with handle that can be sold along with the helmet if interested!

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