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Nation's Attic is proud to be offering the first-ever US Navy Mark V bobblehead! We spent over six months designing this accurate yet fun Mark V diver with expert bobblehead artisans. The result is the classic diver positioned on a platform ready for adventure!


To add stability and protection, the diving platform was incorporated into the design. Proudly printed on the front of the platform, it says US Navy Mark V Diver. On the left and right is the platform supports on which the diver is holding on. The front, sides, top, and back were all done with careful attention. Details such as the air control valve, hoses, weight belt, boots, and even a dive knife were included! The Mark V breastplate is incorporated into the body while the bonnet is enlarged with semi-exaggerated features - just like a classic bobblehead should have!


No expense was spared in the construction and painting. Standing at approximately 7 inches tall, the head "bobbles" just as it should. It is made with the industry's best quality polyresin materials to last for a lifetime as well. This is not some cheap giveaway toy but a high-quality piece that will surely be a collector's item immediately after we sell out. On that note, we only produced a VERY limited number (less than the number of real Mark V helmets we have sold the last few years).


These make a perfect gift for someone special or to treat yourself. Easy to display among a collection, at your work desk, or somewhere special at home.  It is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone!


Nation's Attic Inc. is the only source for this custom one of a kind bobblehead. The price of $74.99 does include shipping within the United States! Quantity discounts are available.  Please contact us for international shipping rates.

US Navy Mark V Bobblehead - Limited Release

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