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Here is the rare Vince Forge Company US Navy dive knife circa WW2. Vince was one of the producers of the US Navy dive knife during the late 1930s and World War 2. They are considered a low-volume maker due to the small contract they received from the Navy. Unlike all other standard pattern dive knives made for the US Government before, during and after World War 2, examples made by Vince are unique. The primary and most notable difference is the loop located on the end of the wood handle. This loop would swivel and did make for a handy added feature. This design element, however, was not part of the specifications and the US Navy likely was not happy. With WWII raging, though, these knives were accepted and put into use.

A common issue with the Vince knives is the brass loop breaking off. This one is, unfortunately, a victim of that occurrence. Restoration of the brass loop could be untaken by an enterprising collector if desired. The knife blade shows use but is still quite presentable. The wood handle has a rich dark patina. The brass sheath features numerous dents, small scrapes, etc. Please review the photos, please feel free to ask questions. 

Rare World War 2 Vince US Navy Dive Knife