Need A Way To Safely Display Your Antique Diving Helmet While Also Adding To Its Overall Visual Appeal?

The Steelhead is the very first diving helmet display stand we made many years ago. After receiving many requests from customers we came up with this effective and safe method of displaying valuable antique dive helmets. We wanted to make a stand that would accommodate almost all types of deep sea helmets, especially helmets like the US Navy Mark V, Siebe Gorman and other commercial type helmets made by Morse, A. Schrader’s & Son and DESCO. After requests from customers to provide a display stand that not only supports the helmet, but will consistently display multiple helmets the same way every time, we came up with the Steelhead! The stand went on to become a great success and is now being used to display some of the greatest antique diving helmets around the world in museums and private collections!


The Steelhead utilizes a steel frame that has been powdercoated with a special heat and abrasive resistant paint. The paint is called silvervane or black hammertone. A custom foam material is applied to each shoulder to protect the helmet from contact with the metal surface of the display stand. Lastly rubber tipped bolts secure the helmet from slipping or rocking off the stand.


Only $165 which includes FedEx Shipping Within the Contiguous United States. Please contact us for a shipping quote to Alaska, Hawaii and outside the United States.

The Steelhead antique diving helmet display stand is made of solid steel and then powder coated. This antique diving helmet display stand will not only properly and safely display your prized antique diving helmet but give you a consistent appearance among your collection. The Steelhead stand is extremely durable and made to be as tough as the antique diving helmets they display.


Nation’s Attic is the only maker and source of these unique stands. All the surfaces of the stand that support the helmet or come into contact with a surface are covered in special padded material, top and bottom. These stands will never break and the rock hard powder coated hammered black paint will last a lifetime. Don’t take the risk of a helmet sliding off an old wood stand and damaging the helmet or even worse injuring someone. The Steelhead display stand will not only support your antique diving helmet but prevent it from rocking back or forth and help prevent it from sliding off the front or back.

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