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The price includes a 4% credit card fee. If you pay by check, money order, or bank wire, the discounted price is $1,995 delivered within the contiguous United States.

This helmet was sent to us by a client who discovered it in Canada. It would surely be a fascinating journey if these helmets could tell us their story.  


Made in Japan is, this classic helmet made by the TOA Diving Apparatus Company. Most of these helmets are generally completely used up before being discarded or entering the collector market. This classic 3-light 12-bolt model is a wonderful example. Today collectors and divers enjoy these helmets' classic style, rugged construction, and mystique.


This piece of diving history was made before 1944 when the company name added Ltd to the end. The helmet features the original ID plate. This ID plate is in Japanese, indicating it was made for their domestic market and not for export.  The badge says Tokyo Minamisenjii on the top, TOA in the center, Diving Equipment Company at the bottom.


Most helmets made by TOA are this very configuration, 3 lights (windows), 12 bolts. The bonnet and breastplate thread together in a traditional fashion. The front window threads off and the two side windows are fixed.


The helmet is in relatively good condition and perfect for display in the home or office. The copper body and brass hardware have a wonderful dark green and copper patina. The helmet has all its glass, 12 wing nuts and corresponding bolts, four brails, a safety bolt, an exhaust valve, a spitcock valve, air fitting, and internal air vents. One of the faceplate knobs has been replaced with a bolt. Numerous shallow working dents from years of use are evident on the top of the bonnet. A threaded fitting below the air fitting is present. On the backside of the breastplate under the neck ring is a buildup of an epoxy material, possibly applied long ago to prevent small leaks. The bonnet and breastplate thread together without an issue, and the helmet is structurally sound with a great visual appearance.


If you have been considering a classic helmet used in the Pacific, this one would be a very good choice. TOA has been in business since the early 20th Century and produces quality helmets and related gear. During World War II, the Imperial Navy took over the company, utilizing its facility and employees to make equipment. Surviving the war, the company thrived in producing helmets for a country where diving is an integral part of its culture and economy. 


All helmets sold by Nations Attic Inc. will have a certificate of authenticity (COA). This COA will have a serial # that matches the # on a tamperproof holographic decal placed on the inside of the helmet. This level of security and long-term assurance of the helmet’s authenticity is unmatched in the industry and very important to us.


The display stand shown in the photos is not included. The option to purchase one at a discounted price is available. Worldwide shipping is available. A shipping quote can be provided by emailing us your postal code.


The price includes a 4% credit card fee. If you pay by check, money order, or bank wire, the discounted price is $1,995 delivered within the contiguous United States.

Antique TOA Japanese Diving Apparatus Helmet

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