Morse US Navy Mark V - 1944 - #s Matching & Polished!

Without a doubt the Mark V is the most popular helmet we handle. While difficult to find authentic examples, these were made in sizeable quantities during World War 2. While many were used up, destroyed or simply lost, a precious few do still exist. Of those few, only a small percentage retain their original hardware and matching serial # components. This Mark V made by Morse Diving Equipment is just one of those rare examples!

This beautiful helmet was made in May of 1944. The helmet is serial #'s matching in all 6 locations - the 2 neck rings and 4 brails. During this time Morse was using a lead ID plate, making many surviving examples difficult to read. This helmets ID plate is in excellent condition!


The helmet has been professionally polished with a clear wax applied to prevent tarnishing. The work done on this helmet is amazing and allows it to be displayed with pride in any location. The helmet is also complete - all original hardware is intact - the window guards, 4 brails, 12 wing nuts, air vents, exhaust valve, air fitting, communications fitting and dumbbell safety latch.


As with any authentic helmets that was used there will be imperfections. This helmet does have a few dents on the very top bonnet, with only one being of any notable size. These blemishes are really only visible if the very top of the helmet is inspected - please refer to photos. The dumbbell safety latch is missing a cotter pin and chain. 

If you are considering a diving helmet for a special gift for someone or yourself, this is one that will instantly impressive everyone plus is a full serial numbers matching investment level example!