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Modified US Navy Mark V - June 1943 - A. Schrader's Son

Without a doubt, the Mark V is the most popular helmet we handle. While difficult to find authentic examples, these were made in sizeable quantities during World War 2. While many were used up, destroyed or simply lost, a precious few do still exist. This Mark V made by A. Schrader's Son Company survived the war and was later used as a commercial helmet.  

This likely one-of-a-kind helmet was made in June of 1943 in Brooklyn, NY. The helmet features a United States Navy inspection stamp on the communications cup. This stamp is proof the helmet was inspected and put into US Navy inventory in 1943! The helmet started life as a standard Mark V. Likely after World War 2 the helmet was sold as surplus. During the 1960s Yokohama was making a popular style diving helmet with a large Acrylic front window. It appears a commercial diver had a large Acrylic threaded in window installed on the front. Other modifications include a replaced communication elbow, modified window guards, and a springloaded safety bolt.

Based on the wonderful condition of the helmet, was likely used very little both in the military and commercially. At some point this unique helmet was professionally polished, giving it the brilliant shine it still has! The helmet does retain the original BTE exhaust valve, internal air vents, 9 of the 12 wing nuts, 4 brails (525B stamped on all 4), Schrader brass ID plate, and air fitting. There does appear to be a military serial number stamped into the breastplate neck ring. 

This Mark V's unique post-war modifications do give it an impressive visual appearance. In addition, the helmet's excellent polished condition lend it to be admired by even non-collectors.

If you are considering purchasing a truly unique diving helmet or a Mark V well below their normal price, then seriously considering this beauty!