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Miller Dunn Divinhood Helmet


Rare First Year Production Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 1 - 1915-16

We rarely have the honor to handle a Style 1 Divinhood, much less in this amazing condition! This helmet was made by Miller Dunn who was located in Miami, FL. Their very first helmet was made in 1915 and was called the Divinhood. They would go on to produce the Divinhood till 1924. This specific helmet was made during the very first year of production, 1915-16. These early production helmets were without a Miller Dunn stamp on the side of the copper body. In August of 1916 when the US patent was approved, Miller Dunn then started stamping each helmet with the name and patent number details. 

As can be seen in the photos, this is simply a wonderful helmet. It's really amazing this piece has been preserved in this condition after 103+ years. There are no holes or bad dents in the body. The original air fitting is present and in good condition. The letters AWG are stamped into the brass fitting, we are not sure of their meaning. The lead weights are contemporary with the correct copper clip on the back. Miller Dunn would go on to make 2 more shallow water helmets, but this is #1.

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