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Sold In 5 Minutes!

Miller Dunn Shallow Water Divinhood Style 1 - 1916-1924

This helmet was made by the Miller Dunn Company located in Miami, FL approximately 1916. Their very first helmet was made in 1915 and was called the Divinhood. They would go on to produce the Divinhood till 1924. Starting in 1916 their helmets would feature an August 1916 patent stamp on the side of the copper body. This helmet actually has two of these stamps, one on both sides!

The Divinhood was revolutionary and allowed for easier shallow water work, research, and even underwater photography. The body of the helmet is made of copper with a brass handle, air-fitting elbow, and a round window frame. The front and back of the helmet feature an extra band of copper that allowed for specially made lead weights to be attached. There were also round holes for the use of brass hardware to secure the lead from falling off the helmet. A simple yet brilliant design that today is recognized as the father of American shallow water diving helmets. With many of the surviving examples being over 100 years old, few appear on the market for sale.


This helmet was just discovered by Nation's Attic. We were thrilled to discover this helmet retains an incredible patina and is in overall great condition! The copper body displays the unmistakable green and brown surface of a helmet that was used long ago and then put away. In addition, all the original brass hardware is intact including the carry handle, air fitting, and round window frame. The old glass is intact but if desired can be removed by simply threading off the front of the window frame.

The copper body around the air fitting is pushed in slightly. In addition, there was a hole on the diver’s left side at the top. This hole was professionally repaired and aged and is not noticeable unless specifically pointed out. To make the helmet 100% complete, replica or original lead weights can easily be installed. Currently, without weights, the helmet is very lightweight.

If you enjoy helmets with an unmistakable original patina, historic pedigree, and unique visual appearance, this Divinhood would make an excellent addition to any collection.